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Photography | Carlos Tobón

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Electronic Engineer with specializations in Business Administration and Marketing; Diez has continued her art education in important art institutions in Europe and USA.

She has exhibited her work at the Museum of Modern Art of Medellin - MAMM and Bogotá - MAMBO; the Antioquia Museum; the Inter-American Development Bank – IDB Cultural Center and the Organization of American States - OAS in Washington D.C (USA). Also at fine art galleries in Colombia and abroad such as Alonso Garcés in Bogota, Galería de la Oficina in Medellin, Alexandra Von Hartz in Miami and La Estampa in Madrid.

In 2015 she was nominated for the VIII Luis Caballero National Award with the work EN-BOLA-ATADOS. She has also been recognized with:  Painting Award at the III International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Florence (Italy), finalist of the Angel Painting Award of Spain, Special Mention in the X International Image Festival of Manizales (Colombia), as well as finalist in the 40th National Visual Arts Prize of Universidad de Antioquia.

Her work can be found in the collections of:  the Art Museum of the Americas of the OAS, Inter-American Development Bank - IDB, National Museum of Women in the Arts-NMWA (Washington, DC), Antioquia Museum, Universidad de Salamanca (Spain), Universidad de Antioquia University Museum-- MUUA, Bancolombia, other public and private collections in Colombia and abroad.

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