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By Tony Evanko

With this series of paintings, videos, etchings and texts, Ana Isabel Diez take us into a hidden world that is shrouded in shame. It is a world that many experience, but few describe. It is the world of domestic violence and the abuse of women.

The artist’s investigation takes us into the most intimate places in a woman’s body, and gives us glimpses into their hearts and minds. By using images from hysteroscopy and abused women’s statements as a basis for this multi-media exhibition she invites us to contemplate the sterility of a medical examination and asks us to compare this clinical analysis with the often impartial or even hostile attitudes that exist in society around this issue.

She presents paintings and etchings inspired by the same hysteroscopy images. The images have a quiet sensual beauty and the juxtaposition of this beauty with the tragedy of this problem as expressed in the texts provoke a discomfort that is disorienting, and in which exists the strength of this work.





Artist Book

Mix media, Linen cover, embroidered, spit byte, cotton paper and pencil