Cross (stitch) Point


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Sin título, de la serie PUNTO DE CRUCE
Bordado en punto de XY con lana sobre tela de cerramiento verde 180x800 cms


Cross (stitch) Point

by Ana Isabel Diez

The structure of the patriarchal society is determined by the definition of male identity. Although genetically men are defined with XY chromosomes and women with XX, in our society the male identity is supported on denial, differentiation and exclusion processes, primarily the negation of their feminine component.

From ancient times the great power of the union of the masculine and the feminine was recognized. In the book The Banquet, by Plato, Aristophanes talks about the existence of extraordinary androgynous beings. The gods felt threatened by their power and decided to split them in two “to make them weaker and more numerous”. “So, once the original form was cut in half, each one missing his own half would join it”. And later he says: “Our old nature was as described and we were complete. Love is consequently the name for the desire and pursuit of that integrity”.
In this work I try to express the importance of reconciling the masculine and the feminine in our society. I express this through the activities or labors assigned to each gender:

Masculine: construction
Feminine: weaving, embroidering

Therefore, I embroider plastic woven fabric used for enclosing construction sites. The stitch I use is XY instead of the regular cross point XX, as a clear reference for the female part of men and the importance of living in harmony with it, instead of hiding or denying it.


Sin título, de la serie PUNTO DE CRUCE
Grabado (punta seca y transfer), chinecollé 38x56 cms