Photography | Carlos Duque

Photography | Carlos Duque

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Artist Statement

I have a keen interest in social issues and, therefore, feel the need to address these issues in my artistic practices.

Fundamentally, two thematic focuses are found in my work: the landscape and the woman, and I am interested in establishing relations between them. Hysteroscopies images (endoscopies of the uterus) allowed me to discover that as a woman, I have a landscape inside me. And when this landscape is violated, as it the case with nature, mistreatment occurs. The feminine character of nature and its fragility, allows me to invoke the world of women and their situation in society, to denounce problems such as domestic violence or human trafficking, whose main victims are them [women], creating works from intimate stories, without failing to acknowledge their global character.

Being a contemporary artist opens up the possibilities of expression to a very wide range of approaches and resources that I find comfortable and with which I do not fear taking risks or experimenting. My studies in different areas of knowledge, allow me to have a multidisciplinary view of the issues I embrace in my work.

Despite addressing a topic as strong as gender violence, I like to do it with subtlety, without clear evidence that can predict what is going to be found.